Wow you named your boat after yourselves?  How vain, self-absorbed or narcissistic are you people?

Well vain, self-absorbed? Maybe a bit.  Narcissistic? Definitely not.

A little history. . . Diana and I have been together for quite some time; even before we were officially dating most of our friends knew we came as a pair.  In various circles we soon became known as Ryana (Ryan + Diana = Ryana).  Since we wouldn’t deny enjoying each other’s company or deny the fact we spent significant time together, we didn’t have any specific reasons to push back on the moniker.

A history of a nickname may still not be a valid reason to name the boat after ourselves.  Why not name the boat something like “Adventurer”, “Horizon”, “Wind Dancer”, “Solace”, “Escape”, “Sabbatical”, “Salish Spirit” or anything else?  The simple reason is. . .

This journey is not a search for place, emotion or time; it is a search to cultivate our individual and mutual priorities in life

We hope to have at least 50 good years left in us and want to ensure we spend every one of them in a meaningful way.  We’ve let life lead us to the point where we are today and definitely cannot complain (great friends & family, good jobs, comfortable house, extra spending money), this is the first real decision in both our lives where we are leading life, not life leading us. The trip is about us so why not be open about it?


Oh; and we already had the shirt. . .