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Les Saintes – Touristy Guadeloupe

Les Saintes are a group of Guadeloupe islands just south of the mainland.  Everyone who we talked to had great things to say about it so we knew we had to stop.  It’s a touristy destination with multiple cruise ships and ferries that come from the mainland every day.   It is very picturesque with a lovely little town and nice green mountains.  What makes it a really cool place is that you can walk everywhere.  There are not a lot of cars on the island so it make walking the streets safe and everyone will walk to the beaches or the Fort on top of the hill.  There are also a number of nice restaurants in the town and we had a great dinner out.

View of mainland Guadeloupe on our way to the Saintes.


Beach #1 – They warn you not to swim here because the waves and current are too strong but it is pretty!

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Views of the harbor and town.

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Fort Napoleon.  This is a very well preserved fort with a museum inside and we had fun walking around and looking at the views from here!

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Beach #2 – This is the beach they send you to for swimming.  It’s well protected and we laid out and swam for awhile.

P1020655 P1020656 P1020657 P1020662











Out and about!  We stumbled upon a dance party at 7pm that when we wandered back after dinner was shut down.  I guess they party early here.  How un-French like!

P1020667 P1020668 P1020670 P1020677

Deshaies Guadeloupe

After a great time in Antigua and a fun night out with Te Mana we got up bright and early to head to Guadeloupe.  It was only a five hour sail and winds were predicted at 15-20 so we were looking forward to a nice sail.  Turns out those predictions were wrong (surprise surprise) and we had winds up to 35 but it was still a nice sail over.  Ryan did some fishing and caught a barracuda!  And he and Stanley caught up on some sleep!

P1020374 P1020376 P1020371

The harbor in Deshaies was nice and we couldn’t believe how clear the water was.  We were anchored in 30ft and could clearly see the bottom!  Stanley had fun running around barking at the turtles in the water.

P1020429 P1020428 IMG_4125 P1020405










Deshaies has a river that runs through town and we had read about a hike you can do up the river so we went to check it out.  The river is pretty but it turns out the hike is through the river climbing over slippery moss covered rocks.  Not feeling like breaking an ankle that day we turned around after 20 minutes, but we did enjoy the scenery we saw.

P1020414 P1020423 P1020420 P1020418











While in Deshaies we picked up our friend Kacie!  She flew into Guadeloupe late on a Monday night and luckily was able to get a taxi out to the boat.  Lucky because Guadeloupe was having an island wide gas shortage and the buses stopped running, there weren’t rental cars to be found and a lot of the taxis weren’t running either.  But she made it!  The day after she arrived we went to visit the botanical gardens which are up the hill from Deshaies.  A nice stroll through the garden was a good way to start off her visit!


Hello Kacie!


The gardens…

P1020459 P1020471 P1020457 P1020461 P1020462 IMG_4197 IMG_4181 IMG_4183 IMG_4176 IMG_4194 IMG_4169 P1020502 P1020509