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El Yunque

Everyone told us we should see the rainforest El Yunque on Puerto Rico, so we did.  It was a lot less dense than the rainforest on Dominica and you could hear the birds chirping.  Dominica’s rainforest was very dark, very damp and very quiet.  By contrast El Yunque was bright with sunlight and loud, and it didn’t rain a drop while we were there.  The temperature did get cooler though…  73 degrees!

We first did a small hike through the rainforest….

P1040098 P1040140 P1040142 P1040143 P1040145

And ended up at a waterfall.









After that we went to the Yokahu tower which has views over the forest and down to the ocean.

P1040160 P1040149 P1040154 P1040155

Lastly we stopped at another waterfall and took in the views.


Old San Juan

I just saw an article about the 20 most charming towns and Old San Juan made the list.  After having visited there I can definitely see why!  There are brightly colored buildings and cobblestone streets and two huge forts guarding each end of the town.  It was very picturesque.

Our friend Pete had flown in to help us move the boat from Puerto Rico to Turks & Caicos so when he got in we headed over to check out Old San Juan.  First order of business was lunch!  I tried this dish called Mofongo for the first time and it was delicious.  Mofongo is mashed green plantains that I had with grilled chicken.  YUM!  So good.  Ryan had his lunch pork chop supersized but he managed to finish it all!


Pete has arrived!


The restaurant.


Ryan’s pork chop.


And he ate the whole thing!













The buildings in Old San Juan are really colorful and we had a great time walking around taking in the sights.

P1040059 P1040058 P1040065 P1040070 P1040074 P1040057

P1030901 P1030886




















Our visit to the Fort was fun too.  There were so many levels to go and explore and the views from the Fort were beautiful.

P1030942 P1030964 P1030982 P1030988 P1040002 P1040004 P1040015 P1040017




















And, when we got back to our car after a fun day, there was a lizard on the windshield!!

Hello there!

Hello there!


Culebra – Tacos, cruisers and beaches

Culebra is a small island that is part of Puerto Rico just east of the mainland.  It, and a few other islands, are sometimes called the Spanish Virgin Islands.  We had never heard of Culebra until this last summer when our friend Brett who was travelling with us introduced us to some of his friends who had a house there.  They made it sound pretty awesome so when we saw it in our path we made sure to stop.  We were only going to stay 2 days but the combination of tacos, cruisers and beaches made us reconsider and we were there a week!

The tacos were at Zaco’s Tacos and on our first foray to shore we went there and were hooked.  Yum!  The place is cute and has a fun vibe and the food is awesome!

We knew before we came in that our friends on Starburst were there and so we dropped the hook right behind them.  Unfortunately Matt was up in the states, but we had a blast hanging out with Jo!  Starburst had been there for 2 weeks before we got there so that qualified them as locals and Jo was able to show us about town and give us all the good gossip!  She also introduced us to several other boats and we had a great dinner aboard Orion one night.  Culebra seems to be one of those places where cruisers get stuck and end up staying years, or at least longer than they intended.  Everyone was super friendly and happy to share their knowledge on Puerto Rico with us. The community there is great and we had a fun time.


Ryan and Jo at the Dinghy Dock restaurant.

The beaches on Culebra were stunning.  And I can say that having been in the Caribbean a while now we know our beaches.  🙂  Flamenco Beach comes up regularly on lists of the prettiest beaches in the world.  The sand is so fine that you practically inhale it when the wind is up and the water is gorgeous.

Flamenco Beach:

P1030629 P1030628 P1030638P1030631










We rented a golf cart one day and explored the island.  We went to a less popular but just as beautiful beach called Zoni Beach.

Around the island:

P1030658 P1030670 P1030671 P1030709 P1030785 P1030777















Zoni Beach:

P1030726 P1030715 P1030772 P1030728 P1030748 P1030736















There is also a really nice snorkel spot at Melones Beach where you can snorkel just from the beach.  We had to check that out and enjoyed the views there too.

Melones Beach:

P1030811 DSCF3528 DSCF3527 DSCF3525 DSCF3520 DSCF3530