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Life on the hard

Ryana on land

Ryana on land

We spent a few days on the hard at the Pleasure Cove Marina to get new bottom paint and a wax job on Ryana.  Pleasure Cove is a little marina tucked away on Bodkin Creek and is one of only a few places on the Chesapeake Bay that can haul us out of the water.  Everyone there are really nice and we enjoyed our time at the marina!  But a boat is not supposed to be out of the water!  It’s interesting…first off we were at a slight tilt.  Not so much to bother you but when you get up you can feel it and are off balance!  Then no using the sinks so pretty much no cooking on board.  And forget about air conditioning which is water cooled.  You also have to climb a ladder to get on your boat since the transom is 6ft off the ground.  It’s interesting.  I know there are folks who spend weeks and even months living on their boat on the hard and manage fine, but I was glad it was only a few days!  A boat is just supposed to be in the water.  🙂

We did have a funny / scary incident with Stanley.  We’d been there a few days and were lifting him up and down with no problems.  We were a little worried he’d fall off but he hasn’t fallen off the boat before so we let him be.  However, we didn’t anticipate how strong his anti-shower sentiment was.  I had the hose in my hand, to fill our water tanks not even to shower the dog, and he took one look at me and went leaping off the back of the boat!!!  He landed and rolled and got up.  We were freaking out and went to see if he was ok.  He had scraped his chin and paws up a bit but other than that was fine.  I cannot believe that dog hurled himself off the boat from 6ft up just to avoid a potential shower.  So crazy!  At least he’s not hurt!

What happens when Stanley falls in the water?

He gets a bath!

Stanley is always eager to go ashore, so eager that he will leap from the dinghy even before we’ve come to a full and complete stop.   🙂  This means that occasionally he goes in the drink!  Poor doggie.  Stanley is NOT a water dog!   And, after all that trauma of falling in the water he gets to experience one of his most hated things…the bath.

Can he look anymore pathetic?







Here he looks mad!


But after his bath he is feeling good!


Stocking Island

We spent most of our time in George Town anchored off of Sand Dollar Beach on Stocking Island.  There are a few distinct areas where people anchor.  Kidd’s Cove is right by town so you go there if you need grocerys, water or have some business in town.  Volleyball beach is right in front of the Chat N Chill so that’s where all the party people go.  Monument is supposed to be nice but more buggy.  And then Sand Dollar where we stayed is nice and quiet and protected.   And it had the added benefit of being right next to our friends Kirk and Donna on Ainulindale!

We took a walk with them one day to the beach on the Atlantic side and enjoyed the views over there.

Getting to the beach


Gorgeous photos of the beach

P1040589 P1040577 P1040578 P1040567 P1040560 P1040556















Gorgeous (ha ha) photo of us



Some funny little birds

P1040571 P1040572






More pictures of Stanley playing on a beach

P1040596 P1040587 P1040545 P1040543 P1040558 P1040581

2 presidents 1 town

We made it to Maine! And our first stop was Kennebunkport, famous for housing the Bush compound. It might have been the excitement of reaching Maine but everything seemed prettier! Our anchorage was in the river on one of the town moorings and we had great access to the town and a beautiful view from our backyard.

First sighting of the Bush compound.

First sighting of the Bush compound.

Entering Kennebunkport

Entering Kennebunkport


Happy to be in Maine!

Happy to be in Maine!
















The town was really cute and I loved all the shops. I missed my mom though because the boys weren’t that in to shopping. Go figure!  I think I need to bring my mom back here to really do it right!

P1080722 P1080731 P1080792 P1080819

We took a trolley ride around town so that we could see more of the sights. We got a great view of the Bush compound. And, we were told that the elder Bush was in residence at the time.

Bush compound

Bush compound

The trolley also took us by an old monastery and some of the local beaches.

Franciscan monestery

Franciscan monestery

Maine beach....where are all the people?

Maine beach….where are all the people?

After our trolley tour we walked around some more and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the beautiful town.


Can you spot Ryana in the background?

P1080799 P1080802 P1080803 P1080813

We met an interesting guy who was solo sailing a Pearson 303 (just like our old boat Frog). He was a school teacher who took off on his boat for the summer. He had just found a message in a bottle from a family who had enjoyed their Maine vacation. Since they had just put it in the water 2 days before he found it he said he was going to wait a week before contacting them so they didn’t feel bad. LOL!

In one of the local stores we found a new addition to Stanley’s wardrobe. Now he is ready for any occasion!

Stanley feeling fancy!

Stanley feeling fancy!



Stanley gets a lot of attention wherever we go. Most people think he’s super cute or still a puppy.  There was the lady he scared to death b/c she didn’t like dogs and the little girl who called him a fat doggy (he was depressed for a week after that one!) but mostly people like Stanley.  We’re often asked what kind of dog Stanley is and to be honest we don’t know for certain!  We do know he’s pug though so Ryan started telling people that Stanley is pug-n-stuff.  I think this is the best description so far so here are some pictures of Stanley our pug-n-stuff mutt.

Why hello there

Why hello there

Whatchyou say?

Whatchyou say?


Dog on a boat!

A few people have asked me how Stanley is doing on the boat.  Well, he’s settled in just fine and seems not to mind being on the boat.  He’ll go out and walk around the decks and hang out in his bed under the salon table.  He seems to be adjusting (other than the fact that he held it for 36 hours on our way up from Beaufort to the Chesapeake).

However, there is nothing Stanley enjoys more than a dingy ride!  He gets as excited for a dingy ride as he used to for a walk and will start freaking out if he thinks we’re getting ready to go.  You might think that he is just excited to get off the boat and on land, but he is equally excited to get in the dingy coming or going.  He’ll jump in and out without fear and if you take too long starting the motor he’ll start barking!  It will usually take me a time or two of pulling the cord to get it started and Stanley starts barking “move it, move it, hurry!!!”.  🙂




Our dingy dog helping shove off from a  beach landing.





Family dingy ride at sunset.