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Oh You’re that Guy on a Boat

Once we are removed from our cruising brethren it quickly becomes apparent how our current lifestyle does not make sense to mainstream america; even our close friends and family. Diana and I went back to the West Coast to visit friends and family and attend the wedding of our close friends Alice and Howard for two weeks. I made sure I scheduled time to see all the folks I wanted to catch up with, but catching up is hard when it’s a one way conversation.

Everyone wanted to know what it’s like living on a boat; if we ever get scared, get tired of our constant company, take regular showers, etc. Yep, still humans so yes to all questions. As much as our lives have changed all the things that we were when we left still remain. Don’t treat us like the foreign exchange student (though I know you would treat them wonderfully), keep things on the same level as they were when we left. I want to know how things are going with you too. How’s the family? How’s that retirement coming? How was that ski trip?

There is a lot more to us than those crazy people living on a boat, just as always. Also note, I’m also more than that guy with the hair/beard.