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Last of the Bahamas

We’ve already been back in the US for awhile now, but had such a blast in the Bahamas and with Dwane and Beverly when they visited that I wanted to do one last Bahamas post.  We spent our last few days in the Bahamas on Green Turtle Cay, first in Black Sound and then in White Sound.  Our sail through “The Whale” was quite uneventful though we’d heard it can be treacherous with big seas.  Beverly loved the seat up on the bow and stayed there enjoying the view every time we sailed!

P1050792 P1050793 P1050799 P1050802











The town of New Plymouth was quite cute and we had a nice walk around and lunch there.  They have a statue garden which I found slightly creepy but the history is really interesting!


















We had a nice dinner on the boat in Black Sound with Ryan (unintentionally) cooking some flame broiled steaks and Dwane trying (unsuccessfully) to catch a fish!

P1050834 P1050831






Over in White Sound we walked around the island and enjoyed the beaches as well as the marina facilities at Bluff House Marina.  The dock hand here, Andrew, was one of the friendliest guys we met and very helpful!  The beaches here were (as usual) gorgeous.  Dwane was such a fish and took every opportunity to get in the water and swim.  Beverly, while being a little more hesitant was usually game to get in too.  Ryan and I watched from the shore and enjoyed the view.

P1050864 P1050865 P1050862 P1050858











All too soon it was time to say goodbye to Dwane and Beverly.  We had a blast during their visit and hope they did too!

P1050874 P1050873 P1050870

Nippers and Grabbers

Moving on from Hope Town we headed to Great Guana Cay where the famous beach bar Nippers is located.  Our friends also recommended another beach bar called Grabbers.  So, since we were headed there anyway we went to check them out.  Now, having been in the Caribbean and Bahamas for almost 6 months, we had seen our share of famous beach bars.  As far as we can tell what makes a great beach bar is an awesome view, availability of beer and a fun crowd.  Both bars had the first two and while there wasn’t many people at either we brought our own fun crowd since Dwane and Beverly were still with us.  So while I might not rank either in the great category we still had a fun time.  And when we got back to the boat we had a great time swimming around too!


Follow the pirate!

Follow the pirate!

Very colorful!

Very colorful!

The amazing view

The amazing view

Enjoying a cold one

Enjoying a cold one













Fun on the swing!

Fun on the swing!



Sitting back relaxing

Sitting back relaxing

Grabbers view

Grabbers view

Hope Town + Dwane & Beverly!

While in Hope Town we got some new guests to the boat….Dwane and Beverly!  They came bearing the good news that they had recently got engaged!  Congratulations Dwane and Beverly!!!  🙂

Dwane & Beverly.  This is so cute it could be an engagement photo!!

Dwane & Beverly. This is so cute it could be an engagement photo!!

We set out to show them the sites of Hope Town that we had been enjoying and share this super cool place with them.   First up was the beach.  We took a long walk down the beach, did some swimming and pumped up the paddle board and used it for some surfing!


Beverly watching Dwane paddle.


Ryan on a stroll.


Relaxing after swimming / snorkeling.


More beautiful water.


Ryan’s turn.


Dwane on the paddleboard.


Stanley taking in the view.


The view at the beach.
























We had Stanley along on our beach outing and the poor little guy got hot.  It’s thirsty work running around the beach!  Luckily for Stanley Ryan used his ingenuity and crafted him a doggy shelter out of some sticks on the beach and the bag for the paddleboard.  Stanley then dug himself out a cool spot in the shade and happily hung out there for the rest of the afternoon! P1050634 P1050631 P1050645P1050688










The next day we rented bikes and took a bike ride of the island.  We saw some of the other beaches, had a great lunch and got a little exercise in! P1050731 P1050732 P1050712 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA P1050719 P1050721

Arrival in Hope Town Abacos

In our opinion Hope Town was the cutest place we visited in all of the Bahamas.  It’s got colorful houses and a cool lighthouse and gorgeous beaches.  What more could you ask for?  Here are some of the sights around Hope Town.

P1050600 P1050485 P1050491 P1050478P1050492P1050487

















Oh and here is the local delivery truck!


We visited the lighthouse too and walked up the 101  steps to the top.  We had a nice view of the harbor and the surrounding islands.  It was neat actually seeing the Fresnel lenses in operation and not just in the visitor center.  It is one of the last manual lighthouses in the world.

















And we could see Ryana!


We also had a couple of fun nights out with Ainulindale and their guests Stacey and Jorge.  Here’s Donna telling Jorge whats up and then making nice for the camera!  🙂