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Going away party

Everyone likes an excuse for a party right? ¬†ūüôā ¬†Well our going away was a good excuse. ¬†We took over one of the gazebos and had a potluck with our friends from Port Annapolis and all around Annapolis! ¬†It was a fun night but very bittersweet. ¬†We’re going to miss these folks!


Jo, Matt & Monica – folks we met on the Caribbean 1500!


Alex and Rob – Port Annapolis buddies


Ryan enjoying a drink with Rob and Paul.


Paul and Lori with the midshipman Lori is sponsoring.


Ryan has a way with the ladies….Karen and Kate!


More gorgeous ladies…Gail, Kate, Jo and Monica. Gail cooked up some chicken wings on the bbq….YUM!


The guys…Joe, Paul, Ryan and Matt.


Diana and Monica


Jo, Matt, Diana and Kate.


Lori and Alex without their super cute dog, and Stanley’s friend, Genni!


Gail and Eric. ¬†Eric brought Bonnie’s delicious chili.


Kevin and Karen


Ryan and Kate. Kate brought Ryan a yacht design book to get him started on his new passion.


Monica and Paul. These guys are fun….maybe we can visit them in the BVIs!!


Rob and Fran


Jo and Matt


Gail and Diana. I’m gonna miss this lady!!

Dinner with friends and packing it up

Well unfortunately the end is in sight so we’ve been enjoying ourselves out with friends and had to start packing up the boat.

We headed up to Rams Head for a last Lobster night dinner. ¬†$20 for a complete lobster dinner, what a steal! ¬†Oh and the company was wonderful and many laughs were had. ūüôā


Bonnie looking on gleefully as Gail learns what a MILF is for the first time.


Just when we thought she couldn’t get any redder the waiter called her a GILF. LOL!


Diana, Ryan, Gail, Eric and Bonnie


Ryan looking on intently as Eric pulls up something on his phone. Maybe round 2 of the Myers Briggs personality test?

And then the packing….


Boxes, boxes everywhere….


Ryan taping up a box.



Stanley wants to make sure he’s coming!!

It’s sad to be winding down on our trip, but I believe there are new exciting things in store for us!


Settling in to Port Annapolis

After one and a half years of cruising we are happy to have a home base at Port Annapolis off of Back Creek in Annapolis.

Doesn't Ryana look happy at the dock?

Doesn’t Ryana look happy at the dock?

I think Ryan and Stanley are happy too. ¬†ūüôā









We have a great time here with all our friends.  Thursday music nights are fun and so are the spontaneous dock parties!


Diana enjoying the company and Stanley looking for food!



Wrong Gail!! ¬†ūüėõ


Gail bet that Diana couldn’t catch a blue crab off the pier.


Ryan showing off the crab Diana caught.


Alex, Eric and Diana enjoying the evening.


Eric, Diana, Bonnie and Gail.


Alex, Diana, Kevin, Karen and Eric.


Bonnie and Gail.


Eric buying Stanley’s affection.


A boat sailing by in the sunset.


Looking good.


Lori on top of her boat taking pictures.


Ryan and Kevin bsing on the back of the ATA Marie.

























It’s so much fun here!

Ice cream, a spinnaker and dick waves

Ryan’s friend from high school and his wife Marie came out to visit us for a few days. ¬†They’re both from Washington but Marie¬†works every week in D.C. flying back and forth Sunday through Thursday. ¬†So, occasionally Jason will come visit her in D.C. ¬†for the weekend and this time they made it out¬†to see us!

First the Ice Cream…. ¬†They arrived on Friday to Annapolis so¬†we had to initiate them to the Annapolis happy hours! ¬†We went to a few different places before Ryan decided he needed ice cream. ¬†The cones were so delicious Ryan wanted to save some in his beard for later!


Ryan attacking that ice cream cone.


Hey Jason…it’s dripping!

P1060625 P1060626














Next the Spinnaker.  It was a light wind day on the Bay and we were headed down to Harness Creek.  We were in no rush, but seeing as it was such a nice day decided to take out the spinnaker.  Jason and Marie were happy to help with the sailing and it all went smoothly!

P1060628 P1060632 P1060629P1060641P1060639 P1060638

















Lastly, the dick waves.  Ryan describes a dick wave as ..

“Dick Wave: ¬†a wave created from the wake of a large power boat (generally a Sea Ray or Carver) over taking within 100 ft of another vessel in open water.”

With a lot of people on the Bay we were rocking and rolling from all the wakes they threw up. ¬†Some people got unnecessarily close to us. ¬†This is a world wide phenomenon and I’m glad Ryan has finally named it.

Also, while there in Harness Creek we met Mr. Waterfront. ¬†We knew it was him by the 3ft tall letters painted on his boat! ¬†We had anchored out in front of his house and boat and when he dinghy’d over to us we weren’t sure what to expect. ¬†He just wanted to welcome us to the neighborhood and invite us to use his yard to walk Stanley or his house for showers or laundry! ¬†What a nice guy! ¬†We did take him up on walking the dog and got to explore the beautiful neighborhood there at Harness Creek.

Here are some bonus pictures from our night in Harness Creek.

P1060652 P1060654 P1060644 P1060662

Back in Annapolis!

After a few stops as we made our way up the Chesapeake we were finally back in Annapolis! ¬†Annapolis is such a fun town. ¬†We took up residence on a mooring ball behind the bridge on Spa Creek and settled in. ¬†Ryan was going to school for his Captain’s License for 2 weeks and I had some free time on my hands. ¬†Luckily for me our friend Cynthia made a surprise visit and kept me company for a few days while Ryan was in class.

I took Cynthia on a tour of all the Annapolis attractions…

The Capitol

P1060268 P1060248






The Naval Academy

P1060262 P1060260 P1060259 P1060264











The Happy Hours


Ryan joined us or a Sunday afternoon at Pussers. ¬†Always a fun experience people watching. ¬†ūüôā

P1060279 RyanCynthia








Bonus picture ¬†of Ryan with his diploma from Captain’s School. ¬†Yay! ¬†So proud of him!


Bonus Stanley picture of Stanley being weird and sitting in the window.


Grub and Grog Review: Davis’ Pub – The Maritime Republic of Eastport MD

Staff:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Seat to Beverage Time:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Food:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Company:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Hygiene:4 Stars (4 / 5)
Atmosphere:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Value:5 Stars (5 / 5)
Average:4.7 Stars (4.7 / 5)

Davis’ Pub is like the ‘Cheer’s’ of Eastport it seems everyone that enters know’s everyone’s name! ¬†Davis’ Pub is a little place in Eastport right off the 4th Street dinghy dock in an old open beamed cabin type building. ¬†It’s quite cozy and a bit tight, but they also have tables along the sidewalk if you feel like eating outside.

When we first found this place I could tell I’d like just right from the start, though we were unknown to the many regulars they were all very friendly folks and the open beamed building made me feel right at home. ¬†The overall atmosphere of this place is something that can’t be manufactured; ¬†it was built back in the 20’s and has been serving up food and drinks since the 40’s to the working class neighborhood it resides in. ¬†Their menu states, ‘Where there are no strangers, only friends you haven‚Äôt met’,¬†and here it’s no lie; the folks are quick to start up a conversation and you just might know the names of their extended family by the time you leave.

While you can’t go wrong with there standard pub food ¬†I can state their ‘Chicken and Sausage Gumbo’ is great and it’s less than $10! ¬†We also at the specials a few times which were also very good, just ask the folks sitting next to you what they like and they’ll tell you.

If you want to feel like an instant part of the the community stop by here and you’ll have some new friends in no time. ¬†Oh Guy Fieri came here for the Food Channel a while back and liked it, don’t really like the guy (Guy) but I suppose he know’s ¬†a bit what he’s talking about.