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More fun in Staniel Cay

After all the fun we’d been having in Staniel Cay what else could there be?  Turns out there are SHARKS!!  Well, just nurse sharks but they were fun to watch.  Patrick, Greg and Kara pet, fed and even swam with the sharks!

P1050151 P1050155 P1050199 P1050201 P1050202 P1050192















We also had a nice dinner out at the Staniel Cay yacht club.  We enjoyed the calm evening and the good company.

P1050162 P1050163 P1050164 P1050167 P1050175 P1050183

















Finally though it was time for them to leave.  Bye guys….we had a blast!!


Let’s go hiking

On a very hot day we decided to go hike around Staniel Cay.  I love these islands where you can hike around pretty much the whole thing in a few hours.  The views of the water were stunning as usual.  The only thing about going on a really hot day was that with no shade Stanley quickly got overheated. Poor doggie.  Good thing he found a rock to dig under to make his own little shady spot!

P1050211 P1050221 P1050219 P1050230 P1050234 P1050209 P1050272 P1050260

Snorkeling Fun

We heard there was a sunken plane off of Staniel Cay that you could go and snorkel.  So we all hopped in the dinghy and headed over to check it out.  It got shallow in spots so Greg helped out by checking the depth.

P1040959 P1040968






We had a nice dinghy ride checking out the other side of the island.

P1040973 P1040972








Finally we found it.  It was just a small island commuter plane but pretty cool.
















Then an epidemic of underwater selfies occurred.  🙂

P1040989 P1040993 P1040978 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Did you say swimming pigs?

One of the other attractions near Staniel Cay is the swimming pigs at Big Major Spot.  They swim out to your boat looking for food and then retreat back to land when they’ve eaten all your food.  Of course we had to go see them!  They look so adorable in the water as they are coming out to greet you, but when you get to land you realize how big they are!  We brought a bunch of scraps to feed them plus a few extra treats.  Patrick saved a piece of his bacon from breakfast to feed them and Ryan brought a beer.  HAHA.  They definitely enjoyed both!  And when we ran out of food they tried to nibble on Patrick’s leg!

Swimming pigs = cute

P1050076P1050078 P1050072 P1050079 P1050081 P1050075










On land pigs = not as cute!

P1050092 P1050093 P1050095 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA











Getting fed scraps and bacon







Getting some beer

P1050101 P1050105

Thunderball Grotto

One of the attractions of Staniel Cay is the Thunderball Grotto.  You swim into this cave which has a shaft of sunlight coming through a hole in the ceiling and snorkel with the fish.  And, if you’re brave/crazy you can jump from that hole about 30ft down into the water below.  Thunderball Grotto was made famous by the James Bond movie Thunderball filmed around Staniel Cay in 1964.

P1050015 P1050017 P1050025 P1050031 P1050034 P1050047 P1050040 P1050053 P1050054 P1050061 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA





























And here is our crazy friend Greg jumping from the ceiling!


The jump


The hole.


The splash


Hitting the water

Sail to Staniel Cay

We had a nice day for our sail up to Staniel Cay.  We were on the bank so that meant the deepest water we saw in miles was about 20ft.  Everyone relaxed and enjoyed the views.  While of course keeping an eye out for coral heads!

P1040879 P1040894 P1040885 IMGP8908 IMGP8937 P1040877














Views of Staniel Cay.

P1040931 P1040918 P1040913P1040898










Thanks to the crew we got some pictures of us in action anchoring the boat.


Attaching the bridle.


Watching the anchor go down.


Greg checking the anchor.