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Date Arrived # of Nights Type Country / US State Town Location Comments
07/28/14 Mooring MD Annapolis Back Creek Chilling and hanging out with our 1500 buddies on Starburst. Fun lunch and happy hour with ATA Marie.
07/25/14 3 Anchor MD Still Pond Still Pond Another fun weekend with friends.
07/22/14 3 Dock MD Bodkin Creek Pleasure Cove Marina Haul out to get some new bottom paint and a wax job. Ryana is looking good!
07/21/14 1 Anchor MD Bodkin Creek Main Creek Tons of jet skis and ski boats here.
07/20/14 1 Mooring MD Annapolis City Front Chill night on the boat.
07/19/14 1 Anchor MD South River Harness Creek A fun night with Jason & Marie. A friendly couple invited us to walk our dog in their yard, and come in and shower or do laundry. We only took them up on the dog walk but people are so nice!
07/17/14 2 Mooring MD Annapolis City Front Back to Annapolis to pick up some friends.
07/16/14 1 Anchor MD White Hall Bay Ridout Creek Had a wonderful night going to dinner at Cantlers and enjoying the company of friends!
07/14/14 2 Mooring MD Annapolis City Front Annapolis is like our home base now! Weathered some big storms.
07/11/14 3 Anchor MD East Wye River Shaw Bay Had a great weekend with friends, hanging out and eating way too much!
07/10/14 1 Anchor MD St Michaels City Front Back to St Michaels to provision. Tried the brewery and winery. Both good!
07/08/14 2 Anchor MD South River Harness Creek Great quiet anchorage. We enjoyed the park nearby.
06/30/14 8 Mooring MD Annapolis City Moorings Back in Annapolis for the 4th of July!
06/29/14 1 Dock MD Cox Creek Jay’s House Had a wonderful time with friends Donna and Kirk and met Donna’s lovely brother and sister in law. The eastern shore is a beautiful place.
06/28/14 1 Anchor MD St Michaels City Front Such a cute town. Had an amazing dinner at the Bistro. Really enjoyed the museum too!
06/06/14 22 Mooring MD Annapolis City Moorings Love being back in Annapolis. Ryan passed his Captain’s Class. Cynthia came to visit and we picked up Cindy and Chuck. Plus we’ve gotten to reconnect with other boating friends.
06/05/14 1 Mooring MD Solomons Island Zhanisers Chill evening on the boat after a rough day sail on the Bay.
06/04/14 1 Anchor VA Reedville East of town Enjoyed the picturesque view and weathered a huge thunderstorm!
06/03/14 1 Dock VA Little Creek Vinings Landing Went back to Mona Lisa’s Pizza and sadly it did not have the same charm as our previous visit.
06/02/14 1 At Sea Passage Beaufort to the Chesapeake Uneventful. Saw a beautiful sunset off of Hatteras. Traveled with Ainulindale.
05/27/14 6 Dock NC Beaufort Beaufort Dock Enjoyed our 4th visit to Beaufort. Stanley loved his visits to the Backstreet Pub!
05/25/14 2 At Sea Passage St Augustine, FL to Beaufort, NC. A little bouncy to start but calmed down as we went. Not used to so much boat traffic!! Caught a black fin tuna!
04/28/14 28 Dock FL St Augustine Municipal Marina Really had fun here! It’s got a nice walking downtown and people are super nice. Took a trip to the west coast to visit family and friends.
04/26/14 2 At Sea Passage Bahamas to Florida Very calm ride over. First time we had a calm gulf stream experience!
04/24/14 2 Dock Bahamas Abacos Green Turtle Cay – Bluff House Marina Getting ready to head back to the US!
04/23/14 1 Mooring Bahamas Abacos Green Turtle Cay – Black Sound Enjoyed walking around the settlement at New Plymouth and had a great lunch.
04/22/14 1 Anchor Bahamas Abacos Great Guana Cay Visited Nippers and did some swimming.
04/18/14 4 Mooring Bahamas Abacos Hope Town Saw Ainulndale again and had some fun dinners with them. Picked up Dwane and Beverly.
04/15/14 3 Dock Bahamas Abacos Hope Town Inn & Marina Super cute resort. Everyone is very nice. Hope Town may be our favorite spot in the Bahamas!
04/14/14 1 Anchor Bahamas Abacos Lynnard Cay Happy Birthday to Ryan! Caught a big mahi mahi that we had for dinner. Yum!
04/13/14 1 Anchor Bahamas Eleuthera Meeks Patch Nice little beach here and a lot of other boats who are making the trek to the Abacos tomorrow to take advantage of good weather.
04/12/14 1 Anchor Bahamas Exumas Ship Channel Cay All by ourselves. Quiet stop on our journey north.
04/10/14 2 Mooring Bahamas Exumas Warderick Wells Land and Sea Park. Enjoyed the hiking and the sand bars.
04/05/14 5 Anchor Bahamas Exumas Staniel Cay Snorkeled the Thunderball grotto, saw the swimming pigs and had a great dinner at the Yacht Club.
04/04/14 1 Anchor Bahamas Exumas Little Farmers Cay Pretty spot that was deserted. Had a nice swim to shore and dinner on board.
03/20/14 15 Anchor Bahamas Exumas Georgetown So many boats here! Saw Five and Dime who we know from Annapolis. Spent some time with our friends on Ainulindale. Picked up Greg, Patrick and Kara for a week!
03/19/14 1 Anchor Bahamas Long Island Calabash Bay Nice and calm when we arrived but got pretty rolly through the night.
03/17/14 2 Anchor Bahamas Long Island Clarence Town Got cleared into the Bahamas! Peaceful spot with nice beaches a blue hole.
03/16/14 1 At Sea Passage T&C to Long Island Bahamas We had a really nice sail the first day with speeds 7-8knts. Seas picked up a bit overnight.
03/09/14 7 Dock Turks & Caicos Providenciales Southside Marina Great place to relax and connect with other cruisers. Provo was all about the beaches which are beautiful. And we made new friends at the conch farm!!
03/06/14 3 At Sea Passage Puerto Rico to Turks & Caicos Mostly had the wind behind us. It was nice to have Pete along to break up being on watch!
02/26/14 8 Dock Puerto Rico Fajardo Sunbay Marina No frills marina but a good spot to do some provisioning. Yay for Costco! Pete arrives to help us move the boat to Turks & Caicos.
02/19/14 7 Anchor Puerto Rico Culebra Ensenada Honda Great vibe with a fun cruising community. Hung out with Jo from Starburst. Flamenco beach had the finest sand I’ve ever seen!
02/15/14 4 Anchor US Virgin Islands St Croix Christiansted Christiansted is a cute little town. Lots of folks seem to wander down to St Croix and then end up staying a while!
02/13/14 2 At Sea Passage Dominica to St Croix Nice sail through a pod of feeding whales, many dolphins and had a stowaway bird for a few hours.
02/07/14 6 Anchor Dominica Portsmouth Prince Rupert Bay Went up the Indian River, hiked through the rain forest and visited the Carib Territory. Had a great time exploring with our buddy Kacie.
02/05/14 2 Mooring Guadeloupe Les Saintes Terre de Haute Very cute town. It’s fun to walk everywhere because there aren’t a lot of cars and the hills make it good exercise! Visited Fort Napolean and the beach.
02/01/14 4 Anchor Guadeloupe Deshaies Deshaies Harbor Went to the botanical garden which was nice and picked up Kacie!
01/15/14 17 Anchor Antigua Falmouth Falmouth Harbor The anchorage is so calm. Antigua may be our favorite island so far. It’s a fun place! Te Mana caught up with us again here too!
01/14/14 1 At Sea Passage St Barths to Antigua Hopefully the last passage into the wind for awhile.
01/04/14 10 Anchor St. Barths Gustavia Gustavia Harbor Very clean and great people watching. Lots of mega yachts.
12/30/13 5 Dock St. Martin Anse Marcel Radisson Blu Treating ourselves for New Years! Te Mana and friends are around and we enjoyed hanging out with them. Russell celebrated his 9th birthday!
12/28/13 2 Anchor St. Martin Grand Case Grand Case Bay Good eating and a lot of folks around. The outdoor bbq restaurants were so good.
12/23/13 5 Dock St. Martin Marigot Marina Ft Louis Met up with Te Mana and had a great Christmas dinner with them. Our first time med mooring and it was a little stressful but we made it in with no damage!
12/19/13 4 Anchor St. Martin Marigot Marigot Bay Nice location to dinghy through the lagoon and to the Dutch side. Marigot was pretty quiet at night.
12/13/13 6 Anchor Anguilla Sandy Ground Road Bay Calm anchorage. Good holding. Anguilla was great. Super friendly people and beautiful beaches. The pumphouse was fun at night.
12/12/13 1 At Sea Passage BVI to Anguilla Despite better looking forecasts we had winds in the 30s and a rambunctious ride over.
12/11/13 1 Anchor BVI Virgin Gorda Prickly Pear Island Nice spot with view of Saba Rock. Chatted with Trinity and Paul from Sonic Boom.
12/09/13 2 Dock BVI Tortola Nanny Cay Came in to pick up some boat parts and get good internet!
12/07/13 2 Mooring BVI Norman Island The Bight Weather was windy and rainy! Hung out with Te Mana at Pirates and then Willie T the next night.
12/06/13 1 Mooring BVI Jost Van Dyke Little Harbor Took a fun dingy ride over to Sandy Cay to explore the tiny island and then over by Foxy’s Taboo to hike to the bubbly pond. The waves came crashing into this small pond and it was so pretty!
12/05/13 1 Mooring BVI Jost Van Dyke Great Harbor Gave Stanley a bath in the sea. He did not like it and we both came away with lots of scratches.
12/03/13 2 Mooring BVI Beef Island Trellis Bay Found Starburst in the anchorage and had a nice dinner with them. Went into Road Town to complete chores and provision.
12/01/13 2 Anchor BVI Virgin Gorda Leverick Bay Found a nice shallow spot to anchor. Played with the paddle board. Took the dingy over by the reef to snorkel.
11/30/13 1 Anchor BVI Virgin Gorda Prickly Pear Island Moved off ball to anchor. Had Te Mana and Tara over for drinks and snacks. Got a little too close to shore for comfort.
11/27/13 3 Mooring BVI Virgin Gorda Saba Rock Relaxed in some lousy weather. Had a fun Thanksgiving over at Leverick Bay.
11/24/13 3 Dock BVI Tortola Nanny Cay Had a fun dinner with Te Mana and got to see Tara. Did laundry! And got boat work done.
11/19/13 5 Mooring BVI Virgin Gorda Bitter End Yacht Club Back where we got married 2.5 years ago. Lots of Salty Dogs about.
11/18/13 1 Mooring BVI Beef Island Trellis Bay Visited Pusser on Marina Cay. Last night for Greg and Tony. Had an amazing fish dinner – we each got a different fish and all were delicious!
11/17/13 1 Mooring BVI Tortola Cane Garden Bay Graham’s last day. 🙁 Visited the rum distillery and had dinner on the boat.
11/16/13 1 Mooring BVI Jost Van Dyke White Bay Visited Mic at the Soggy Dollar. Lots of swimming and paddle boarding.
11/15/13 1 Mooring BVI Tortola Cooper Island Nice night with dinner on Te Mana.
11/11/13 4 Dock BVI Tortola Nanny Cay Recovered from the passage in a comfortable marina.
11/02/13 9 At Sea Passage Chesapeake Bay (Virginia) to the Caribbean (BVI) Successful passage across the Atlantic with our great crew: Graham, Greg and Tony!
10/26/13 7 Dock VA Portsmouth Ocean Marine Center Getting ready for the Carib1500 by putting the finishing touches on our boat!
10/23/13 3 Dock VA Hampton Hampton Municipal Marina Back where we began our journey in the Chesapeake! Rough ride over.
10/22/13 1 Dock VA Deltaville Dozier’s Marina They had no potable water!
10/21/13 1 Mooring MD Solomons Island Zhanisers Mooring Field Had a quiet night on the boat.
10/06/13 15 Dock MD Annapolis Port Annapolis Marina Getting work done to get ready for Carib 1500. Went to boat show.
09/19/13 17 Mooring MD Annapolis Spa Creek Mooring Field My Mom and Kay came to visit while we’re here and loved the peacefulness of the mooring ball.
09/12/13 7 Mooring MD Annapolis City Mooring Field Good times showing our favorite spots to Brett.
09/11/13 1 Dock DE Delaware City Delaware City Marina Repeat of last time in Delaware City. Visited Crabby Dicks and got pizza.
09/10/13 1 Anchor NJ Cape May Off the Coast Guard Station Quiet night on the boat.
09/07/13 3 Dock NJ Atlantic City Farley State Marina at the Golden Nugget First dock in a while! Got the boat good and cleaned up with all that wonderful fresh water.
09/06/13 1 At Sea Passage Block Island to Atlantic City Caught a delicious Tuna! Good eating.
09/04/13 2 Anchor RI Block Island Great Salt Pond Back to Block Island because it’s a good jumping off point to Atlantic City.
09/02/13 2 Mooring MA Martha’s Vineyard – Vineyard Haven Oak Park Town Mooring Somewhat of a let down after Nantucket Took a bus tour all over the island. This is where rich people go for privacy.
08/30/13 3 Mooring MA Nantucket Nantucket Moorings Lots to do and see. Fancy people showing off! Downtown was pretty, cobblestone streets. Got to get dressed up!
08/28/13 2 Mooring MA Provincetown Provincetown Marina Described as the Key West of the North. Colorful town with good people watching.
08/27/13 1 At Sea Passage MDI to Cape Cod Smooth seas. Very light winds. Fog rolled in around 8pm and stayed through the morning! Maine had to give us a taste of that Mainer fog.
08/19/13 8 Mooring ME Mount Desert Island Northeast Harbor Fun times in Bar Harbor, hiking through Acadia and taking dingy rides around the island.
08/18/13 1 Anchor ME Merchant Island Merchant Harbor Mosquito attack when we went ashore. Beautiful sunset, quiet and secluded until the lobster boats made their way through in the morning.
08/15/13 3 Mooring ME Boothbay Harbor TugBoat Inn and Marina Touristy, cute town. 50,000 people in summer and only 5,000 in winter! Went kayaking and hiking!
08/12/13 3 Mooring ME Portland Portland Yacht Services Nice “big” city. Fun waterfront area. Visited the brewery.
08/10/13 2 Mooring ME Kennebunkport Town of Kennebunkport Super cute town. Did the trolley tour and lots of shopping.
08/07/13 3 Mooring MA Newburyport Public Docks Saw a movie and waited out bad weather. Only one bar in the whole town.
08/05/13 2 Mooring MA Gloucester Browns Yacht Yard Gorton fish stick town. Ryan and Brett had home cooked lobster.
08/01/13 4 Mooring MA Boston Boston Waterboat Marina Boston was great! Walked the Freedom Trail and ate in Little Italy. Yummy cannollis! Picked up Brett as our new crew!
07/30/13 2 Mooring MA Plymouth Town Docks Saw the Plymouth Rock. Very touristy town but fun.
07/29/13 1 Anchor MA Onset By Wickett Island Quiet anchorage.
07/22/13 7 Mooring RI Newport Oldport marine Lots of fun exploring the town and visiting the old mansions. Went to the folk fest Friday and listened from Second Chance on Saturday.
07/18/13 4 Anchor RI Block Island Great Salt Pond Total resort town. Had a great bike ride around the island. Pretty and a lot cooler than Long Island!
07/06/13 12 Mooring NY Port Jefferson Setauket Yacht Club Very fun town. Lots of great restaurants and good frozen yogurt. Ryan’s family visit.
06/29/13 7 Mooring NY Port Washington Town Docks Greg visited and Ryan finished the water maker. Okay town.
06/26/13 3 Dock NY City Island North Minneford Marina Convenient to go into Manhattan but too many people getting on our boat. Very scary.
06/25/13 1 Anchor NJ Sandy Hook Right outside Atlantic Heights marina behind breakwater Got hit by a big thunderstorm
06/24/13 1 Dock NJ Mannasquan Hoffmans Marina Very pretty but didn’t get to explore too much
06/21/13 3 Dock NJ Atlantic City Kammermans Marina Staying longer than expected because starboard engine is slipping. Boardwalk was not real happening.
06/20/13 1 Anchor NJ Cape May Off the Coast Guard Station Long dingy ride to take Stanley ashore. Town is not walking distance.
06/19/13 1 Dock DE Delaware City Delaware City Marina Walking distance to a few shops and restaurants. Ate at Crabby Dicks.
06/17/13 2 Anchor MD Fredericktown / Georgetown Sassafras River Nothing going on in the towns. Nice quiet anchorage. Lots of thunderstorms went over or nearby.
06/15/13 2 Anchor MD Worton Creek Worton Creek Ryan made good progress on the water maker. We took Stanley for his first paddle board ride.
06/08/13 7 Mooring MD Annapolis City Mooring Field Waiting on gel coat work and waiting out storms
06/05/13 3 Dock MD Annapolis Bert Jabins Yard Got new batteries installed!
05/27/13 9 Mooring MD Annapolis City Mooring Field Really enjoy Annapolis! Fun little city with lots of interesting shops and restaurants!
05/22/13 5 Mooring MD Solomons Island Zhanisers Mooring Field Not a friendly place. Expensive and people are not real nice.
05/21/13 1 Dock VA Reedville Reedville Marina Great museum with wonderful guides. Had a nice dinner at the Crazy Crab.
05/17/13 4 Anchor VA Deltaville Jackson Creek Met some interesting folks here. Michael and Sean & Louise.
05/15/13 2 Anchor VA Mathews MobJack Bay Peaceful. Took a fun kayak ride into Matthews for a Mexican lunch.
05/10/13 5 Dock VA Hampton Hampton Municipal Marina Great value and a fun little town. Took side trips to Williamsburg and Jamestown.
05/09/13 1 Dock VA Little Creek Cutty Sark Marina
05/08/13 1 At Sea Passage Beaufort to the Chesapeake Little wind and calm seas. Lots of traffic off Hatteras. Ryan saw crazy lightening storm to the east.
05/05/13 3 Dock NC Morehead City Portside Marina Preparing for our first passage
05/04/13 1 Dock NC Beaufort Beaufort Dock Saw the awesome wooden boat show. The boy scout race was the best. Poor kids thought they were off to sea!
04/30/13 4 Anchor NC Beaufort Off Town Creek Marina Our 2nd anniversary and first night at anchor.
04/25/13 5 Dock NC Beaufort Jarrett Bay Moving aboard Ryana!!