Long Flight and Another New Boat

Just landed and got our Dinghy!  I had scheduled 84 Boatworks to deliver our new Genesis 340 and Honda 20 at 10am.  A few minutes after arriving at our boat the delivery guy showed up with it on a trailer to be dropped at the nearest boat ramp.  After getting it in the water a quick pull on the start cord and we were off, that 20hp feels a bit of overkill right now, but will probably come in handy when moving supplies and guests.

The lifting bridles that 84 Boatworks made were completely wrong, much too long and pulling on the fabric of the tubes.  I did get the dinghy secured for our trial on Monday, but they’ll need to come back and we work the lifting situation.


Oh and the boat is filthy, inside and out.  I was told by our broker it’d be clean and rigged for the Monday hand over so made a call and was assured it would be by Monday.

With a few more hours left in the day I wanted to checkout Sailorman and Bluewater Books.  Sailorman is something that each boating town needs; tons of used equipment, discounted new stuff and just an awesome place to poke around.  Bluewater Books was fairly interesting, but not much different than any other marine book/chart store.