I gain inspiration from Ricky. . .

So I will divulge one of my guilty pleasures, one of the shows I have recently enjoyed watching is “Trailer Park Boys”; a mockumentary (like Reno 911) about some not so intelligent guys trying to scrape by on small time crimes in Nova Scotia. This is a pretty lowbrow show with poor acting and even worse editing that was recommended by one of my most intelligent friends; thanks Cynthia!

Before I get into the quality in Ricky that gives me inspiration let me state, I do not condone; crime, drug use, drug cultivation and lastly not being responsible for your own actions.

So why was I laying in a crappy motel room thinking of Ricky? Ricky never lets his current situation get him bummed; he has the great ability to look on the bright side no matter how bad things are, except if his good track pants get ripped then its a downward spiral. Ricky lives in a car that is missing a door, regularly does stints in jail, has a girlfriend that rarely shows any love or respect and is so broke he regularly scavenges for tobacco in old cigarette butts; all this and he generally maintains a positive outlook on the future.

Going forward, no matter how thorough the planning, there will be situations that will be uncomfortable. I need to be careful and not get caught up on the moment of discomfort and remember the purpose of this trip.

Oh and if you have time you want to completely blow, check out “Trailer Park Boys”, you can stream it on Netflix.