Adding Reviews to Our Blog

Diana and I use reviews of restaurants, marinas, bars, chandleries and other services all the time, but I don’t believe we contribute enough of our own opinion.  So feeling guilty I added 57 reviews to of anchorages, marinas and mooring balls that will hopefully help out other cruisers when deciding on a place to stay; it’s been very valuable to us over our trip.

Right now I have a list of about 50 restaurants and bars that I will be making comments on, unfortunately I can’t remember what exactly I ate at most, but do at least remember the overall experience.  All places are within easy access of visiting cruisers so hopefully it will be a bit of an asset for folks who stumble upon the website.  I’ll also be adding reviews of chandleries and other marine related services.  I’ll also likely be sticking these on Yelp too, but I like them first on our own website as it adds a bit more to our journal.

I’ve got some work to do!