Dog on a boat!

A few people have asked me how Stanley is doing on the boat.  Well, he’s settled in just fine and seems not to mind being on the boat.  He’ll go out and walk around the decks and hang out in his bed under the salon table.  He seems to be adjusting (other than the fact that he held it for 36 hours on our way up from Beaufort to the Chesapeake).

However, there is nothing Stanley enjoys more than a dingy ride!  He gets as excited for a dingy ride as he used to for a walk and will start freaking out if he thinks we’re getting ready to go.  You might think that he is just excited to get off the boat and on land, but he is equally excited to get in the dingy coming or going.  He’ll jump in and out without fear and if you take too long starting the motor he’ll start barking!  It will usually take me a time or two of pulling the cord to get it started and Stanley starts barking “move it, move it, hurry!!!”.  🙂




Our dingy dog helping shove off from a  beach landing.





Family dingy ride at sunset.