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Ze Plane! Ze Plane!

One of the biggest attractions on St Martin is the airport.  We had seen an episode on the travel channel about crazy airports and this one had ranked in the top 10!  So, in our first few days on St Martin we caught a bus over to the airport check it out.

It did not disappoint!  The planes come in over this tiny beach and come down just after having reached land.  There is a small fence between the road and the airport and people stand there waiting to be blown by the jet blast.  I wish we could say that we were too smart to try it but curiosity got the better of us!

There are two bars where you can sit, enjoy a cold beverage and watch the double show of the big planes coming in and the people standing at the fence getting blown around.  It made for an enjoyable afternoon!


Ryan watches as one of the smaller planes comes in.


Here she comes! Did I mention how low they get?


Seems pretty clear to me….


But we laugh at danger!


One of the big ones coming in.


Getting closer!


It looks like you could reach up and touch it!


People feeling the blast!  Guess they’re not any smarter than we are!


Enjoying the show


A fun couple from Canada we enjoyed our afternoon with.