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Hello St Martin!

After our restful and relaxing time in Anguilla we headed over to St Martin / Sint Maarten.  The French and Dutch share the island which is kinda cool but also somewhat frustrating when on a boat.  It meant that if we were going to go to anchorages on both sides we’d have to check in and out of customs and deal with clearing Stanley through two countries!  So, we decided that we would go into the French side and then just taxi and use buses to get around the island.

Our first stop after a nice ride over was Marigot Bay.  We found a great spot to drop the hook that was convenient to town and dinghy distance from the lagoon which is in the middle of the island.


Downtown Marigot with Ft Louis above.










Marigot as a town was okay, it had some fun shopping and a few restaurants but seemed to shut down every day after the cruise ship folks left back to their boat.  It did have Ft Louis above it which gave excellent views of the harbor and the island.


View of Marigot Bay from the Fort.


View out over town.

P1010265 P1010261 P1010267


For Christmas we moved into the Marina Ft Louis and treated ourselves to some calm and air conditioning!  We got the boat decorated and it even started to feel a little bit festive!  We kept up the tradition of gorging ourselves Christmas morning having a huge breakfast with cinnamon rolls as dessert!  We had even been able to do some shopping and had a few presents for each other.


Getting in the Christmas spirit!









For Christmas dinner we went out with our friends from Te Mana who had Kirk’s parents visiting as well.  It was a delicious dinner with great company and all in all we enjoyed our Christmas.


A lovely sunset on Christmas.


Heather and Kirk from Te Mana.






Enjoying our dinner.

Enjoying our dinner.