The Eastern Shore

We were lucky to be invited to share the dock at the house of our friends brother in Cox Creek.  We spent one night there enjoying their hospitality and took a fun walk around the neighborhood.  I think that seeing this beautiful house and neighborhood was the highlight of the trip for Ryan’s Mom!

At the dock and looking up at the house:

P1060505P1060513P1060506 P1060512 P1060511

We took a fun walk around the neighborhood with our friend Kirk.  It used to be an old plantation that is now broken up into a few parcels for houses.  There is still co-op farming done on the land and we met the farm manager Mr. Fred.  He gave me a start when he saw a fly on me and smacked it away, but as he said “that’s how we do it around here.”  LOL.  What a fun time!  And we are continually amazed by the hospitality shown by folks in these parts.  But, I guess ,that’s just how they do it around here.

P1060530 P1060534 P1060536 P1060524 P1060528 P1060522 P1060519 P1060542