Fun in DC – Day Two

The next day we woke up eager to experience more of DC.   First though we wanted breakfast to build up our energy before a tour of the Capitol.  We went to Old Ebbits Grill to fuel up and had a delicious breakfast!  We enjoyed ourselves too much though and were running a little late for our tour.  We also underestimated the distance across town.  When everything is so big it feels closer together!  We did make it for our tour though, thanks to Ryan sprinting ahead!

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After that we went underground (beat the heat!) to the Library of Congress.  It’s an interesting building and had a great view of the Capitol.

P1060429 P1060431 P1060428 P1060443














After exploring there we walked back underground to the Capitol and got some great pictures in front of it.  We were running so fast earlier to make our tour that we didn’t have time to stop and smell the roses.














We next visited the National Art Gallery and then decided to call it a day.  What a fun time in DC!  I think we walked 5 miles each day but had a blast!

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