Peace and Love and deserted islands and bubbles – Jost Van Dyke

Considering that we’ve chartered in the BVI twice before and at this point been there almost a month it’s hard to believe there are places we haven’t been. But there are and we found them! We spent our first ever night in Little Harbor on Jost. This was a great place and we were able to dinghy from there over to Sandy Cay (what our friend Greg calls the best example of a deserted tropical island) and then over to the other side of Jost for a hike to Bubbly Pond. Plus we got to see what we’ve been missing all this time at Sydney’s Peace and Love. Our friend Jack is always going on and on about their painkillers! 😛 Well none of it disappointed and it was fun to see something new in a place we feel like we know so well.

The famous Sydney's Peace & Love

The famous Sydney’s Peace & Love

The view from Little Harbor

The view from Little Harbor







Sandy Cay has a beautiful beach, some palm trees, a small hill and lots and lots of hermit crabs!! We set off to walk around unwisely leaving our shoes in the dinghy. It was okay at first when the trail was sand but then it turned to rock, and then to mud! And all I could picture was squishing a poor hermit crab with my bare feet! Luckily that didn’t happen and the view from the top was worth a little discomfort.


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After our Sandy Cay adventure we headed back over to Jost to check out the bubbly pond. This was a fun walk and it took us about 15 minutes to get there. It’s called the bubbly pond because the waves come crashing through this small area and make it all foamy in the small pond. Pretty nice and a good way to cool off after that walk!

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